Team Pixvana Sets Sail for Summer Social

By Team Pixvana

July 30, 2017

Pixvana Sailing 11-2.jpg

This week, Team Pixvana set sail on Elliot Bay for our summer social event.

Armed with delicious sandwiches and cookies from Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches, beer from our neighbors at Fremont Brewing, and plenty of sunscreen, we enjoyed a gorgeous day out on the water. Thanks to the expert captaining of the sailing yacht by Let’s Go Sailing’s crew and the day’s perfect weather, the bay made an idyllic backdrop for team bonding, getting to know our co-workers’ friends and families, and learning some epic jokes from Executive Producer Aaron Rhodes’ adorable kids.

Before heading out, we got energized with the help of our slick new coffee cups (featuring Sofia) from Miir, our local provider of all things caffeine-related:


We saw some some incredible views of Mount Rainer, Seattle, and the surrounding bay:

PIxvana Sailing 1-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 16-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 7-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 6-2.jpgThe trip was a fantastic opportunity to relax, connect with co-workers, and better get to know each other’s friends and families:

Pixvana Sailing 12-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 8-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 15-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 18-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 17-2.jpg

PIxvana Sailing 2-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 13-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 4-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 14-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 10-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 3-2.jpg

Our fearless captains kept us safe and entertained with plenty of jokes:

Pixvana Sailing 5-2.jpg

Pixvana Sailing 9-2.jpgMany thanks to Aaron and Lisa for organizing the outing we had a blast!

By Team Pixvana