Valve’s Steam 360 Video Player Powered with Pixvana’s SPIN Play SDK

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Valve's Steam 360 Video Player is live! We’re proud to partner with Valve to make it easier than ever for content creators to publish and monetize VR experiences on the Steam store.

Today SPIN Studio is integrated into Valve's Steam 360 Video Player. By leveraging the combined power of SPIN Studio and Steam, content creators have a pipeline to deliver VR content around the world.

Valve’s Steam 360 Video Player is built with Pixvana’s SPIN Play SDK to enable playback and streaming of VR/360 content in multiple formats. The player uses Pixvana’s free and open standard, the Open Projection Format (OPF), to play multiple types of encoded content including standard spherical (equirectangular), or Pixvana’s own tile format. The SPIN Play SDK supports playback and streaming using the MPEG DASH standard. Pixvana’s own Field of View Adaptive Streaming (FOVAS) technology delivers tiled encoding from up to 12K VR masters at HD bit rates.

“Pixvana’s SPIN SDK has been a great asset in our efforts to empower VR content creators and provide an integrated solution for experiencing linear VR content on Steam,” said Valve’s Sean Jenkin.


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New Releases

Need some inspiration? Check out experiences from Pixvana Productions available now on Steam 360: Pacific Northwest Ballet's Silent Resonance, a studio visit with local artist Dan Colvin, and Sounders Matchday in Virtual Reality.

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